Ethical & organic chocolate

for those
who want more
from a chocolate bar


Reizl Chocolates bar

100% organic & natural

40% less sugar than the industry

Compostable packaging

Made in the heart of Europe

Reizl Chocolates stake

media REports

“It seems that the Reizl family is a good place for creating warmest and tastiest combination.”

“Despite the term bittersweet being both, this chocolates are perfect example of the unique aftertaste of both bitter and sweet fusion of chocolate and fruits. “

“Ethical approach to making this amazing delicacy makes the taste eve more special. Not only that the chocolate looks good and taste good – it comes from trusted and transparent source. “

Compostable Reizl
Compostable packaging
Carbon neutral Reizl
Carbon Neutral Transport
Certified Organic
Ingredients Reizl
Natural Ingredients
Recycled materials
Tracabllity of all ingredient

REviews by our community

“Dark chocolate with lemongrass truly deserves its great taste award!”
“I usually eat fruits and chocolate, but blends and combination of dark chocolate with red mandarin are outstanding!” 
“While maintaining balanced diet I allow myself to use trusted snack. I find Reizl being just that, delicious and balanced!” 
Reizl Award 2021

REIZ the bar

REal organic origin

REdefined values

Dignity REspect


REal fruit and cocoa

Maintaining healthy habits with fruit infused organic chocolates. Charge your day with chocolate high i cocoa and fruit elements to brighten your day.
Forrest Reizl


While enjoying the most delicious chocolate we invest in the area of Slavonia and Dalmatia, where fire made forrests dissapear.


The cocoa farmers are motivated to cultivate cocoa in the most natural way possible and in addition to that to invest in young future leaders.