Reizl family

Start small – think BIG

The love and dedication of the Reizl family makes the surrounding ideal for creating chocolates with flavours that evoke pleasurable memories. By selecting quality organic raw materials and applying innovative processes and designs, they provide an experience for chocolate lovers who care about health, community, environmental sustainability and fair trade.


REthink quality

The goal in the Reizl chocolate production is always go for the best. That includes ingredients, methods of production and all parts including the packaging. It all has to be responsive towards nature. And we claim boldly we are doing really good job.

REconnect with nature

The Reizl family founded their principals in the way their elders used to grow fruits and vegetables at home. It was all in accordance with nature. Rain, water and sun are all the substance neccessary for naturally more delicious chocolate. We tend to pack them in every single delicious chocolate.